Nice to (e-)meet you! I’m Annegret, a strategic thinker, creative catalyst, and pragmatic improvisor. In other words: I’m a designer.


My aim is to create what’s relevant in people’s lives – in a sustainable and ethical way, as I strongly believe that I’m responsible for doing my part in what products and services are given space in this world.


In now more than 8 years in design, I’ve successfully acquired clients, shaped project teams, initiated and delivered high-quality projects, and acted as lead designer in various projects – lately at Mirabeau in the area of human-centred design.


I strive to shape meaningful relationships between people – both through designs and the way I work. I believe in the power of “we”, and so my greatest passion and strength lies in creating environments that encourage creativity and collaboration. If a team feels united, even the most difficult or plainest project can become a success.


Besides, I genuinely enjoy seeing and supporting others grow, and I take a lot of fulfilment of sharing my experiences and knowledge to benefit others, e.g. by engaging in talks, workshops or mentoring.


I’m open to opportunities. For more, let’s connect – mail@boenemann.com is a good place to start a meaningful exchange 🙂