Hearing Colours
interactive installation

The project Farben Hören / Hearing Colours deals with the enlargement of sensory perception through an additional sensory channel (synesthetic effect). The installation enables interested people to compose sounds without any special talent.


Every colour generates a sound. Sound output is made by continuous rotation of a wooden vinyl record and the simultaneously reading-out of colour values. Rhythm and melody are influenced by the position of colour fields. The visual rhythm of colours is reflected by acoustic rhythm at the same time.




thanks to 

Michael Lux, Theo Bönemann, Ralf Gloerfeld, Michael Thal and Kerstin Sausmikat



→ 2014 – LOOP, Wuppertal

→ 2014 – Farbe als Experiment, Wuppertal


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→ documentation „Farbe als Experiment“