KONT started as an annual publication and is by now a network and hub connecting artists and non-artists in the area of Eindhoven, NL. KONT, initiated by Griet Menschaert, looks beyond individual expression to reveal the unexpected potential of cross-disciplinary work by initiating collaborations.


I appreciate being part of this young initiative, as a designer, as a co-curator of the second issue (published in September 2018), by finding makers, forming teams, facilitating their creative process and strengthening the magazine’s profile as a network. Within this framework, we regularly organise informal meetings for makers, curators, creatives and anyone who wants to get in contact with them: Slow Portfolio Datings.





co-curation, editing


cooperation with 

Griet Menschaert and Wessel Verrijt 


graphic design 

by Nearest Neighbour



2018 – Winner Eindhoven Cultuurprijs


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