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What if the last cooper dies?


KUIPERS is a beer made not only to preserve but also to revitalise the craft of barrel making by creating a real demand for it. By linking a local brewer with the active Kuiperij in the Zuiderzee Museum, KUIPERS bridges the gap between the craft of coopering and the profession of brewing beer. It encourages and funds young people to take up a dying craft.


Being an Indian Pale Ale, KUIPERS’ taste reminisces the need for beers to survive the traditional Dutch trade routes whilst benefiting from a richer taste of the cask aging process.


For the opening of the Studio ZZM exhibition in the Zuiderzee Museum, KUIPERS was brewed and could be tasted at a pop-up bar designed for this purpose.





Zuiderzee Museum, Enkhuizen (NL)


cooperation with 

Chris Cooper 



2017 – Studio ZZM, Enkhuizen (NL) 


external links

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